Skylink announces changes to channel line-up

M7 Group, the provider of the Czech and Slovak satellite platform Skylink, has enriched its line-up with several TV channels. The children's channel Nick Jr. will be part of the package Smart and dearer ones (Multi, Combi, Multi HD and Complete). Another children's channel, Tuty, for viewers aged 4-17, will show animated movies, series, its own productions, music clips and the best videos from YouTube. The channel is not encrypted and will be available to all customers of Skylink.

The operator is running another promotion for sports fans, too, in the shape of free weekend broadcasting of the channels Nova Sport 1 HD and Nova Sport 2 HD for all customers, starting from 02 June.

In addition, Skylink is changing the content of Skylink Tasting again, a trial service through which the operator airs selected channels for free for a limited time. From 01 June, Skylink Tasting will transmit the film and series channel AMC. By default, the channel is included in the package Multi and in dearer ones (Combi, Multi HD and Complete)
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