Saudi internet users main consumers of TV on phones, tablets

Saudi Arabian internet users top the list for accessing TV and video content online according to a new thirteen-country study by Ampere Analysis. They are also setting the pace for viewing that content on their smartphones and tablets. According to the survey, 87 percent of viewers in Saudi Arabia watch online video content on their smartphones versus a survey average of 58 percent. 

The number of Saudis viewing video via their tablet is also high at 60 percent compared to the survey average of 43 percent. The survey says six in 10 (59%) watch videos this way every day. Tablet ownership is high in KSA and, at 60 percent, Saudi Arabians are the most likely to watch online video on a tablet versus an all countries’ average of 43 percent. Three in 10 do so daily. Social video is key in Saudi Arabia. YouTube tops the list of video services viewed in the past month, having been watched by 81 percent of Saudis versus an all countries’ average of 66 percent. The number of Saudi Arabians watching videos on Facebook is also high at 53 percent versus an average of 32 percent. Saudis are almost three times more likely to view video on Snapchat versus the survey average (29% versus 10%). 

They are twice as likely to use Instagram for video (37% versus 16%). Bucking the global trend, internet households in Saudi Arabia are more likely to have SVoD (48%) than Pay TV (38%). Yet despite the obvious appetite for online video, Netflix and Amazon have yet to make much of an impact, with social media platforms and local players such as MBC’s Shahid important to consumers. Saudi Arabians are less than half as likely to have watched Netflix than viewers in other countries. 

It’s the same picture for Amazon Prime, which has only recently launched in the country. Consumption of online video in KSA is steady throughout the day in comparison with global viewing trends. Saudis are more likely than average to view video content on smartphones and tablets from the moment they wake up until they turn off at night
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