Ariane 5 orbits ViaSat-2, Eutelsat 172B telecom satellites

Arianespace has successfully launched two telecommunications satellites, ViaSat-2 for ViaSat and Eutelsat 172B for the operator Eutelsat. Eutelsat 172B is the first all-electric satellite to be orbited by an Ariane 5.

ViaSat-2 is the second ViaSat satellite to be launched by Arianespace, after WildBlue-1 in 2006, while Eutelsat 172B is the 32nd satellite launched by Arianespace for Eutelsat, starting with Eutelsat-1 F1 in 1983.

The launch took place on 1 June at 16:45 hrs (local time) from the Guiana Space Center (CSG), Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

Viasat said the ViaSat-2 satellite system will bring considerable improvements in terms of speed, lower costs and extended broadband coverage. Its coverage zone includes North and Central America, plus the Caribbean, northern South America, and aeronautical and maritime routes in the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe. ViaSat also chose Arianespace to launch a ViaSat-3 class satellite.

Eutelsat 172B will increase the operator’s capacity for fast-growing applications, such as in-flight and at-sea connectivity, mobile network interconnections, video and government services. It will be positioned at 172 degrees East, a strategic orbital position providing exceptional coverage of Asia-Pacific, on land and at sea, from Alaska to Australia. Two more Eutelsat satellites are in Arianespace’s order book
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