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Most of the addons that are included are, to put it bluntly, absolute crap. Almost all of the TV box manufacturers will throw any add-on they can find on their fully loaded Kodi box and use it as a selling point.

This makes it difficult for anyone to figure out which box to buy, especially someone new to Kodi devices and streaming boxes.

That’s why I’m writing this article.

My main reason for starting this site was to help make sure that no one reading this site ever gets ripped off because you don’t have enough information.

There are a lot of scummy sellers out there. Until now, my advice has always been to avoid anyone selling fully loaded Kodi boxes.

The add-ons are free, so you can install what you want just by following a couple of YouTube tutorials. You can buy a really good bare-bones TV box like a MINIX, Zidoo or ProBox2 and add whatever Kodi add-ons or apps you want.

Be together, not the same, right?

That’s the power of Android. Configure it how you like. How it works best for you.


Netflix has become a household name. With Netflix you have access to a lot of content. They offer a large selection of movies and TV show for $7.99 a month. Their videos can be streamed to just about any device. They also have been creating their own shows like: House of Cards, Orange is The New Black and Grace and Frankie.

Sling TV

But what I’ve heard from you is that you want a box that works – one that is set up right from when you take it out of the box. All of the add-ons are there for you.

No muss. No fuss.

That’s something that manufacturers like MINIX won’t give you. They give you the blank slate, not the finished product.

So if you’re looking for a fully loaded Kodi box, then I feel it’s my responsibility to help.

It’s my responsibility to try to steer you in the right direction, just the same as if you were buying a bare-bones TV box.

Anyone I put my seal of approval on has to have a good support network. You won’t find any sellers that just sell the TV box and disappear. No eBay or Craigslist, fly-by-night sellers here. You need to have an active forum network with both company representatives and end-users who will gladly help out other users who have issues.

One other big thing: There has to be a warranty.

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