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You are coming to the right place for the needs of looking for a best VPN! By following up our VPN configuration instructions listed below, immediately you will be able to get your desktop and mobile phones online with our secure, fast and absolute organic PPTP VPN connections. We know what best VPN means to users, so sit down please, follow our service policy and enjoy a lifetime Best VPN experience here.

Best VPN Features

Most Secure & Reliable Free VPN
No Hidding Cost, Unlimited Usage
Serve from both US & UK
Best-in-Class VPN Network
Popular PPTP Tunnel Protocol
100% Works in Apple iOS & Google Android
Always LIVE, always CONNECTED

Check account details here to instantly connect to our secure VPN network:

VPN Server  :
VPN Username: mybestvpn
VPN Password: freevpn
VPN Protocol: PPTP VPN

VPN Server  :
VPN Username: mybestvpn
VPN Password: freevpn
VPN Protocol: PPTP VPN

Watch USA ABC or UK BBC Videos online from overseas during trips
Access internet securely from Public WiFi/HotSpot/Hotel connections
Surfing Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest social web sites from internal network
Access websites from remote locations for coupons code, classified ad and affiliates pages
Users' comment on our excellent VPN service
In these days, I can't believe how people can survive the internet life without a VPN. A high quality good VPN account could pretty much do almost everything for my daily online needs - Watching online TVs, Access bank info from hotel wireless, using new IP address and Google Chrome incognito mode for web posts or comments etc. And now with My Best VPN service, all of these premium features are provided to you, for FREE. Simply Best VPN I can find.  -- Lucy Jennifer
Note: Always check IPIPIP.NET to verify your new VPN IP

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